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2001 Review

Once again we enjoyed a successful deer season.  As in other years, we take a maximum of 9 deer hunters each year focusing on the quality of our hunts. Usually we have no more than one party in camp at a time. This way your group gets to hunt the areas where we have scouted the largest trophies and you do not have to compete for the prime spots.

It paid off again this year. We took two deer the last week of the season that green scored just shy of 170 gross and our average deer for 2001 was in the 150 range. Most other years we average around 140. 

There are plenty more still out there. Like most years, the majority of our guests see larger trophies that they unfortunately don't get for a variety of reasons.

We use local guides who live and work in the hunting area.  This policy works well as we took eight deer hunters this season and their success is indicated by the following photo's. 

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