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2004 Review

2004 proved to be the year of the sportsman.  Moose are large and powerful animals and we ask that only sure shots be taken when hunting all animals but especially moose.  

This year three moose hunters passed on shots that were under 100 yards because they were not sure that they would be able to hit a vital area.  The first was a 30 yard shot in the bush at a potential B&C trophy.  The moose had it's hind end to the hunter and would not turn sideways.  The second was a seventy yard shot at a moose trotting sideways to the hunter.  While it was a clear shot, the sun was setting behind the moose making it too hard for the hunter to determine where he was aiming.  The third moose was walking straight away from the hunter,  up a hill.  While the hunter had a shot at the head and full length of the back bone, it was too small a target for a sure thing.  Hats off to these sportsmen who all had other opportunities latter in their hunts.

The two week trophy deer hunters weren't to be out done.  They waited out the first week and most of the second week passing up numerous bucks waiting for the real big boys to come out of hiding.  On thanksgiving day they were rewarded and we took three of our largest bucks all on that day.  One hunter  reported seeing another equally large deer with the one he took and an even larger one right after he tagged out. He said that out of the four bucks on the doe, three were definite shooters.  

Focusing on small camps of four or less hunters has once again proved successful.  It allows the guides to keep all the hunters in the areas where they have found the largest bucks.  Like most other  years, the majority of our guests saw larger trophies than they tagged.   

As always, we used local guides who live and work in the hunting area.  This policy works well. Once again we only took 12 moose and deer rifle hunters & 1 successful muzzle loader hunter to our camps and their success and adventures are reflected in the photo's below. 

2004_blackie_deer.jpg (74752 bytes) 2004_gayle_deer.jpg (65681 bytes) 2004_tom_deer.jpg (64305 bytes)  2004_chris_deer_bush.jpg (112398 bytes) 2004_chris_deer_bush_2.jpg (123844 bytes) 2004_tom_deer_bush_2.jpg (107405 bytes)2004_gayle_deer_bush.jpg (94934 bytes) 2004_tom_deer_bush.jpg (109692 bytes) 2004_horns.jpg (76376 bytes)2004_horns_2.jpg (100691 bytes) 2004_horns_3.jpg (128026 bytes) 2004_horns_5.jpg (92472 bytes)

2004_ver_chris_deer_bush.jpg (34175 bytes)

  2004_moose1.jpg (140275 bytes)  2004_curtis_moose_2.jpg (142540 bytes) 2004_curtis_moose_3.jpg (115072 bytes)   2004_steve_moose_2.jpg (734998 bytes)2004_steve_moose.jpg (730843 bytes) 2004_kris_z_moose.jpg (69090 bytes)

2004_steve_camp_moose.jpg (89318 bytes) 2004_steve_moose_3.jpg (96349 bytes) 2004_trevor_moose.jpg (98147 bytes) 

  2004_camp_2.jpg (80115 bytes) 2004_camp.jpg (705276 bytes) 

2004_sunset.jpg (713177 bytes) 2004_sunset_2.jpg (23475 bytes)

2004_trevor_v_moose.jpg (99757 bytes) 2004_ver_chris_moose_bush.jpg (40286 bytes) 2004_ver_steve_moose_bush.jpg (59398 bytes)

(click to enlarge photo)

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