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2005 In Review

2005 proved to be unseasonably warm for all the hunts.  Nevertheless, of the five hunters who came on our trophy deer hunt this year, four tagged out and the fifth hunter missed opportunities on two great bucks.  He should have had more chances at larger trophies except for some unusual circumstances.   Even with the warm weather, everyone saw a fair number of deer and like always, left the biggest in the bush for next year. 

The warm weather also had a big impact on the moose hunts.  While six trophy hunters saw approximately twenty moose between them, most of the sightings were by individual hunters.  This left some hunters who passed on earlier opportunities not getting a chance at a trophy moose later in their hunt or not having a sighting at all.

Given the restricted number of hunters we have each year, we are extremely happy with the quality of our trophies as indicated by the photo's below.

2005 bob b deer.jpg (181547 bytes) 2005 bob b deer3.jpg (193920 bytes) 2005 bob b deer2.jpg (212917 bytes) 2005 bob b deer4.jpg (94736 bytes) 
 2005 chris a deer2.jpg (119980 bytes) 2005 chris a deer3.jpg (104188 bytes) 2005 chris a deer4.jpg (138998 bytes) 2005 chris a deer.jpg (142617 bytes) 
 2005 eric2.jpg (172538 bytes) 2005 eric.jpg (97333 bytes) 2005 eric and bob2a.jpg (169879 bytes)  
2005 tom c deer2.jpg (176103 bytes)
2005 tom c deer3.jpg (103065 bytes) 2005 tom c deer.jpg (209973 bytes) 
 Mikes Moose.jpg (57482 bytes) curtis moose2a.jpg (276328 bytes) curtis moose a.jpg (265156 bytes)
  2005 chris a moose.jpg (122468 bytes) 2005 chris a moose2.jpg (110198 bytes) camp.jpg (50850 bytes)

2005 live buck.jpg (121278 bytes)

One of the bucks left for next year.

(click to enlarge photo)

Please write, phone, or e-mail us your phone number for specific information or to check on available dates for booking. A 35% deposit is required to hold all hunts.  The balance can be forwarded 45 days prior to the hunt or you can bring an international recognized US money order (some are only valid in the US)  or a certified check with you when you come. 

Your host for the hunt,

Michael Terry
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