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2006 In Review

This season saw us take a total of only nine hunters.  Three for moose, two regular deer hunters and the rest were booked on trophy whitetail hunts. While none of the  moose we took would have made the book, we did get two whitetail that green scored over the minimum for B&C.  This is a great average given the  number of hunters who booked our trophy hunt this past season.  

We will only be taking four trophy whitetail hunters in 2007 so be sure to book early if you are interested in trying your luck for a B&C class whitetail.

Moose Season got off to a great start with the first hunter passing on a nice moose the evening of day two of his hunt.  The next morning saw the second moose hunter taking his moose at just under 200 yards.   Hunter number one had several other moose come in to the call during his hunt but none of them presented a shot.   We also had a third moose hunter come for the parkland moose hunt in November.  He saw several moose before settling on one that translated into a two mile marathon through the bush to get it out.

All the deer hunters had opportunities that were passed on, translated into success or were missed opportunities for whatever reason.  Even so we ended the season on a great note.  Besides the two whitetail taken that were in the B&C category, hunters did report missing opportunities on deer that were just as large or larger.  Missed opportunities were also reported on several other very nice deer that were not quite as large.  Hunters who failed to connect on a larger deer tended to fill their tags in the eleventh hour.

All in all it was a enjoyable year.

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Jeff T 2006 Alberta Moose Hunt  KC 2006 Alberta Whitetail Hunt  Dennis W 2006 Alberta Whitetail Hunt 

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