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2007 In Review

This season saw us take a total of only five hunters.  One moose, two regular deer hunters and two on the trophy whitetail hunts. While the  moose we took will not  make the book, one of the two trophy whitetails had a gross green score of 175 1/8.  As always, our average on the trophy hunts is great given the  number of hunters who book each season.  

We will only be taking a max of five trophy whitetail hunters in 2008 so be sure to book early if you are interested in trying your luck for a B&C class whitetail.

Our 2007 moose hunt was for the Outfitters Special and like all the other hunters who  have booked this hunt, we were successful once again.  If you have never shot a moose and would like to, this is the hunt for you.  While we can't guarantee success, we have never missed getting our Moose on this hunt.  

All the deer hunters had opportunities that were passed on, translated into success or were missed opportunities for whatever reason.  Even so we ended the season on a great note.  

Besides the two whitetails taken by the trophy hunters, we had a father and son combo that sat together in the stands as Nathan was only 12 years old.  The first deer they saw was a good one but dad figured that the first deer, on the first day, meant better things to come. While they saw a number of nice deer, they didn't see anything that compared.  Dad finally left to hunt himself and Nathan capitalized on the opportunity and took one that was bigger than anything he has ever seen back home.  

Dad who had only two days left missed a good one and went home skunked for the first time in over five years of hunting with us.  

All in all it was another enjoyable year.

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Matt J B&C Whitetail Chris G Whitetail Chris & Matt's Whitetails  12 yr. old Nathan A

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Please write, phone, or e-mail us your phone number for specific information or to check on available dates for booking. A 35% deposit is required to hold all hunts.  The balance can be forwarded 45 days prior to the hunt or you can bring an international recognized US money order (some money orders are only valid in the US, not in Canada)  or a certified check with you when you come. Please make all checks and money orders payable to Michael Terry.

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