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2008 In Review

An unusually warm fall coupled with a sporadic rut made for a challenge this hunting season.  As the video clips will attest to; although nobody got the biggest deer or moose they saw, everyone enjoyed their hunt. 

This years moose hunter saw 22 moose before completing his hunt.  While the moose he did shoot was the smallest he saw, his sportsmanship has to be commended.  Twice he had opportunities at much larger animals but they were not guaranteed kills with a single hit, so he passed.  The one he did take dropped where it stood with one well placed shot.  

A number of 150 to 190 deer were seen by the four whitetail hunters we took this year. Whitetails don't get that big by making mistakes.  For a buck to get up in the 190 range he has to be both smart and lucky.  2008 was no exception.

We only took one trophy whitetail hunter (14 day hunt) this year. Our other guests booked shorter hunts and really didn't have the time to wait for the real big boys to get stupid.  For the first time in years the rut was still going when the season ended and continued well into December. 

2008 was enjoyed by all and they talked about when they were coming back too wait out the deer they had left behind.

whitetail hunting 2008 021.jpg (157710 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 020.jpg (157932 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 024.jpg (142135 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 027.jpg (52018 bytes)
 whitetail hunting 2008 025.jpg (59651 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 029.jpg (276650 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 030.jpg (265132 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 033.jpg (222502 bytes) 
Whitetail hunting 2008 034.jpg (71729 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 035.jpg (68832 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 036.jpg (74787 bytes)   whitetail hunting 2008 042.jpg (73399 bytes)
 whitetail hunting 2008 050.jpg (77194 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 051.jpg (68149 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 052.jpg (79471 bytes) moose hunting 2008 005.jpg (170093 bytes) 
 moose hunting 2008 010.jpg (194265 bytes) moose hunting 2008 014.jpg (200039 bytes)  moose hunting 2008 017.jpg (206918 bytes)
 moose hunting 2008 011.jpg (115363 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 040.jpg (51608 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 041.jpg (47578 bytes) jeff whitetail hunt.jpg (239369 bytes)

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Movie Clips

whitetail hunting 2008 042.jpg (73399 bytes) whitetail hunting 2008 026.jpg (56830 bytes) moose hunting 2008 005.jpg (170093 bytes) Whitetail hunting 2008 034.jpg (71729 bytes)
Kevin V Whitetail Hunt Jeff P Whitetail Hunt  Joe B Moose Hunt  Joe B Whitetail Skull

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