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2009 In Review

Great weather and a prolong rut made for a great hunting season in 2009.  Unfortunately the economy, cancellations and hunts cut short put a damper on things.  Lost movies and a computer crash finished the season on a down note.

This years moose hunter finished his hunt only hours into it.   The hunter saw a total of four bulls and took his choice before day one had ended.  

Of the four or five deer hunters we usually take, only three end up making it.  

The first hunter had to cut his hunt short due to a family emergency.  While he saw several bucks, only one was in the class  he would be happy with but his shot was a clean miss.

Hunter number two was here on a two week trophy.  This was his third trip and each time he takes a larger trophy.  This year was no exception.  On the fourth day of his hunt he tagged out and again took a buck that was larger than any he had previously taken. 

The third hunter studied a 150 plus buck for several minute while it stood out in the open right in front of his blind.  The deer was crossing a heavy bush area that was located behind the blind into an equally think bush the blind was facing.  The buck only had about a 20 foot opening but  half way across it sensed something and stopped.  He stood only yards from the hunter but lucky for him the hunter was holding out for B&C class animal.  A few days later the buck he was looking for turned up and while he had it in his sites several times, the buck never stopped walking through the bush to present a clean shot.  This buck had tines in the 16" range. The buck turned up again two days later and this time the hunter had his shot planned.  Sighting on a opening well ahead of the buck, he waited until the buck crossed it.  The hunter knew he would loose site of the buck for a minute or two while it crossed a very heavy stand of bush but he had watch several other bucks take the same trail and all had crossed at the same opening.  When the deer stepped out, the hunter confirmed it was a buck and swung the cross hairs behind the front shoulders and squeezed off his shot.  It was a clean kill, unfortunately it was the wrong buck. One that was much smaller than several he had passed up. These things happen.

2009 was enjoyed by all and pictures were taken of animals tagged and some that were left for next year.

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Movie Clips

dsc00147.jpg (267990 bytes) dscn1078.jpg (124898 bytes)  dscn1052.jpg (252558 bytes) dscn1072.jpg (285482 bytes)
Tom S Whitetail In the field - 4.5mb Tom S Whitetail - 4.6mb  Joe B Moose Hunt - 2.2mb Joe B Whitetail Hunt - 4.3mb

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