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2011 In Review

We started 2011 with our Archery Moose hunt once again.  This hunt takes place during the rut and like 2010 we called in a Bull Moose to within 30 yards on the first evening of the hunt. 

We were set up with our backs to a thick stand of willow and young popular.  The bull came in from that direction and got to within 15 yards.  There was no chance of a clear shot but fortunately for us the bull could not push through the remaining thick underbrush.  He then circled to our right and came out into the clear at approximately 30 yards, presenting a perfect broadside shot.  The first time I stopped him there was a small bush preventing a clear shot.  We waited until he took another couple of steps forward and I then stopped him a second time. The hunter made a perfect double lung shot and that was the end to a short but exciting archery season.

We hunt the same area during rifle season and this year the hunter saw a total of 25 moose over his seven day hunt.  13 were bulls and he had opportunities at 40 yards, 60 yards for over a minute, 70 yards but hit something between him and the moose and saw two other that he would have liked to put on the wall but he didn't get a shot.

Our 2011 November hunts saw four Trophy Whitetail Hunters in camp.  All were repeats guests back with the hopes of a B&C class buck. Like in the past, we always see larger trophies than we get.  2011 was no exception.  Although each of the hunters saw Whitetails that they liked, only one hunter was fortunate enough to be successful.  Earlier in the day he had missed an opportunity at a larger whitetail  but when the second buck appeared, his luck changed.  

Everyone enjoyed their hunts and left with the plans of returning again in 2012.  There are lots of B&C class whitetails in Alberta but they don't get that way without being extremely weary and of course, very lucky. 

We keep out camps very small and only take a few hunters every year so book early if you would like to try your luck at an Alberta Moose or B&C class whitetail.



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Please write, phone, or e-mail us your phone number for specific information or to check on available dates for booking. A 35% deposit is required to hold all hunts.  The balance can be forwarded 45 days prior to the hunt or you can bring an international recognized US money order (some money orders are only valid in the US, not in Canada)  or a certified check with you when you come. Please make all checks and money orders payable to Michael Terry.

Your host for the hunt,

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