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2012 In Review


As we focus on quality; not quantity, we only took one moose hunter and four trophy whitetail hunters again this year.


Once again we had an exciting archery hunt for moose. There is something about having a 2000 lb. animal crash through the bush to within yards of you - that gets you heart pumping.


The rut wasnít in full swing and the moose only answered the first few days but didnít come in. Then on the morning of the fifth day the rut started. In the morning we had a bull crash out of the trees from behind the hunter, came to within 15 yards and ended presenting a standing broad side shot at about 18 yards. As the shot was being taken the peep sight broke and the arrow hit a small branch and flew wide.


That evening we returned to the same area and had a bull coming in when it got dark. We left but it sounded like the bull followed us out as his grunting didnít seem to get any further away. Bull moose will follow you sometimes when they think they hear a cow walking in the bush.


We moved the next morning and had a smaller bull come in to within 40 yards of us but he didnít present a shot. Something wasnít right and he left as silently as he arrived.


That evening we sent up in another location and as the sun set we had a monster of a bull walk out over a crest and down a hill grunting and crashing to within 35 yards. The shot was perfect hitting right in the kill zone. Unfortunately the bull had turned slightly and the arrow hit a rib and glanced off along the rib cage. The bull wasnít hurt and I stopped him three times as he retreated back up the hill. We found the arrow and a little blood at the spot he first stopped. We searched but did not find any other blood. An inch either way and we would have probable hit between the ribs and had the moose. It was a real shame as this bull was definitely P&Y.


The next morning was windy making it hard to call and even harder to hear an answer. We had a bull sneak in down wind and crash off when he winded us. That night saw higher winds and rain but once again we had a bull come in. Because of the wind he couldnít pin point our location and missed us on his first pass. I called again and he rushed back to within 18 yards of us. Unfortunately there was always a tree between the hunter and the bull and a clear shot wasnít possible. At 18 yards moose know you are there and this one didnít wait around long before retreating. I stopped him a couple of times but could not get him to turn back.


We saw several other bulls, cows and calves during the hunt and got very close to some of the cows and calves but not within bow range of any of the other bulls. As it was raining and windy that last evening, we ended the hunt cold and disappointed, but over all we had an enjoyable time.


Rich M was kind enough to send me a summary he had prepared daily of his Moose hunt.  You can read it at: Archery Moose Hunt Summary by Rich M


Our Whitetail hunts went well with everyone having an opportunity at a shooter.


The first whitetail hunter came for a 170+ deer that he saw on his last two hunts and he was prepared to stay until he got the job done. However, on the third day of his hunt a lovely buck sporting a drop tine (see attached) stepped out. They donít have deer with drop tines where he comes from and he couldnít resist adding it to his wall. He is coming back next year.


The second hunter saw several deer and on his last day a shooter stepped out and stood there looking at his blind. Unfortunately the hunter was looking the other way and and it was a few moments before he saw the deer. He slowly raised his rifle and as he positioned the cross hairs behind the front shoulder, the buck jumped the fence and was not seen again. Both smart and lucky deer get to grow larger for coming years.


The third hunter had the most misfortune. His first day, first deer, and it was a monster. He put the cross hairs on it and waited for it to turn broadside. Unfortunately it walked off the line and never reappeared. When it was mentioned that a deer that green scored 187 was shot in the area two weeks earlier, he commented that he knew for sure it wasnít the only one out there. The second deer he saw was under 200 yards and it also was a shooter. However, he had already made up his mind that he would wait for another opportunity at the monster. Although he saw several other bucks, he never got another chance at the opportunity he was looking for.


The last hunter also saw a couple of great deer. He didnít get a shot at the first one, took a shot but missed a second one and while waiting for his guide to accompanying him in to look for the buck he shot at, had another shooter step out in front of him.


We had a good year and saw several great deer. Also, no details have been released as they are keeping it under raps until it has been officially measured; but a buck was shot south of us that the gentleman who scored it figures that once it dries, it will end up being one of the top 5 typical B&C whitetails in the world. However, a lot can happen between now and then. Alberta thought the Zaft buck was going to be the next B&C world record and look what happened there. I will email details when I hear more.

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