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2013 In Review

In 2013 we took our usual one Moose Hunter into our favorite area.  Local Fish &Wildlife estimate that there are approximately 9 moose per sq. mile in this area and it has one of the heaviest densities of moose in Alberta. It is an archery hunterís dream area and a sure thing for a rifle hunter.  We have never had a rifle or archery hunter who hasnít taken a shot and we have only had one rifle hunter who missed his shot in all the years we have hunted the area.

This year our guest was Frank and on Nov. 7th, the 7th day of his hunt and on his 70th birthday, he shot his moose at 7:45 in the morning. Frank had three other opportunities and also could have shot the big bull shown in the video below; however, he had come to hunt these magnificent animals in their natural environment and unfortunately we happened upon this bull while driving between areas.  Although Frank could have legally stalked and shot the bull, as a sportsman he let it go and returned the following morning to hunt it in the spirit of fair chase.  While the bull was pushed out of its bed on two or more occasions, a shot was never presented.  The bull is still out there for next year. 

Franks was happy with the bull he did successfully stalk and shoot and is thinking of returning again in a few years. 

2013 also saw a grandfather and grandson come on their last hunt together.  This was Graham's last hunt and he just wanted to see his grandson, Joel, shoot his first animal. They only had four days to hunt so size was not going to be a factor on this hunt. Graham shot his buck in the closing hour of the first day but by the time we got to his stand it was almost dark.  The buck had bedded down within two hundred yards of where it had been shot and as it had been over an hour since Graham had taken his shot we knew the buck would not go far if it wasn't pushed.  We decided to return in the morning and felt we would easily find the buck within a few hundred yards.  Unfortunately, we had an extremely heavy snow fall that evening and could find no trace of our tracks the next day.  We spent two days searching the bush but could not locate Grahamís buck.  We will return in the spring and hopefully find its remains at that time. 

Right from the start Joel saw deer and he decided that he would wait for one of the larger bucks that the other hunters had talked about.  Sometimes the best of plans don't work out when it comes to hunting.  On his last day, he decided that the next buck he saw would be the one he shot and at 8:15 that morning he harvested is first animal ever.  By noon that day Graham and Joel were headed home with the buck and fond memories of their last hunt together. 

We also had three trophy hunters again this year. While they all saw bucks the size of the one Paul shot at the end of his hunt (see photos below), they were all hoping for a shot at a 10 point, more the size or larger, of the one captured on the video clip below. We see deer this size and larger every year but seeing and shooting them are two different things. 

But that's hunting and there will always be next year. 

Thanks to Matt, the mount of his 2012 buck with the drop tine is also shown below.

Happy Hunting.


Franks Moose - 2.JPG (411559 bytes)  Franks Moose - 1.JPG (412983 bytes)

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