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2009 Puppies

Pictures and Movie Clips Attached Below.

Standard Poodle Puppies:

A Brief History of the Poodle

There are several theories of the Poodle's origins and, while it is regarded as the national dog of France, the breed's actual roots may have come from Germany where he is known as the Pudel or Canis Familiaris Aquatius. The breed is also known as the "French Poodle" and the "Caniche." The Standard Poodle's original popularity was largely due to his fame as a water retriever. Ancient Egyptian and Roman artifacts depict the poodle's ancestors assisting their masters as game nets are brought in, retrieving various game from marshes, and herding animals. The Poodle is said to be related to the Portuguese Water Dog and the Irish Water Spaniel.

Standard Poodles are non-shedding and make great family pets, working, hunting and companion dogs. They are very versatile and easy to train. 

The mother of this litter is first and foremost a family pet but has also been used  to assist with numerous indoor and outdoor tasks. Both parents are AKC registered. 

The puppies have been home raised, no kennel. 

The litter will be CKC registered. Tails have been docked and dew claws removed. They have received their 1st. shots and been microchipped. Socialization started (including lots of children/puppy interaction). Training has started. i.e. come to the whistle, fetching items, house training, tracking - see movie clips below. Ongoing training assistance available.

Email or call 780.984.4365 for more information or photo's.  

Examples of some of the things the mother has been used for:


Locating people in the bush,
Deliver items between individuals when working,
Tracking (has tracked and located up to five miles),
Finding lost articles,
Retrieving items,
Carrying Equipment,
Pulling equipment,
Giving children rides on sleigh,
Upland game birds,
Duck and Geese  hunting,
Shed Hunting,
Locating down game,
Geese control,
Deer Control,
Squirrel & Mouse control,
Watching truck,
Alerting of approaching animals,
Staying and watching camp,


Retrieving items,
Finding and bringing specific items slippers, hat, Kleenex,
Closing & opening doors,
Turning on and off lights (special setup required),
Picking up and putting thing in the garbage,
Watching for company,
Warning of people approaching property,
Playing with children,
Sleeping with children of our guests (makes the children feel comfortable in a strange place),
Cleaning up food dropped on the floor (easiest thing to teach a dog),
Taking things between family members,
Entertain guests with parlor tricks.


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Movie Clips


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Please write, phone, or e-mail us your phone number for specific information . Non-registered are $695 and if you would like your puppy registered, they are $2,400 and . A 33% deposit is required to hold puppies.  The balance can be paid when you when you come to pick up your pup. Please make all checks and money orders payable to Michael Terry.

Michael Terry
3811-19 Ave.,
Edmonton Alberta, Canada T6L 3C7
Phone (780) 984-4365 days, (780) 462-1419 evenings