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Alberta Hunting Lodge

"Cabins at our Deluxe Fly In Moose Hunting Camp"

A leap up in comfort from the tent camps of Northern Alberta, is our Deluxe Fly in Moose Hunting Camp:

Hunting moose in northern Alberta is an adventure of a lifetime but hunting them from our deluxe camp is a really relaxing experience. Each year we allow only 4 or 5 hunters access to this hunting camp. By limiting the number of hunters each year, it helps to insure the quality that you would expect from a hunt of this caliber.

Our deluxe camp is centrally located amongst a chain of northern Alberta lakes and moose bogs that are connected by series of creeks which snake their way from one to the other. During the rut, the bull moose will work their way up and down the waterways in search of cows. If a bull hasn't found the cow by the time she is ready to mate, she will call the bulls to her. When conditions are right, the bull will travel for several miles in answer to the cow's call.

Your guide will take advantage of this annual ritual and call the bulls from a number of strategic vantage points located around the lakes and creeks in our hunting area. By imitating the call of a cow moose in rut, he will call in one of the (hopefully bigger) moose in the area. While the norm is one, when the rut is at it's peak, some guides have called in two or three moose at the same time.

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Besides an opportunity to hunt the biggest moose Alberta has to offer, our deluxe hunts feature.

At times it's so quite you can hear the silence.

Sunset over our Deluxe Hunting Camp

"Headed Home from the Hunt."

Available Hunts / Prices:

Please write, phone, or e-mail us your phone number for specific information and bookings. Be sure to identify the hunt you are interested in.

Your host for the hunt,

Michael Terry
(Registered & Bonded)
Alberta Professional Outfitters Society

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