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Alberta is blessed with exceptional big game hunting opportunities; and several mild winters in a row, have greatly improved the potential of your big game hunting guide finding the trophy moose, whitetail deer, mule deer or bear of your choice.



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Moose Hunts:

Moose hunting has been great in the northern portions of Alberta with the odd plus sixty inch, a number of plus fifty inch and a great many thirty and forty inch moose being taken each year. The #2 Canadian moose comes from Alberta, so our trophy potential for these magnificent animals is excellent.

Fly In Moose Hunts are available during the calling season, which is the latter part of September & the first few weeks of October. Enjoy the rugged woodlands of Northern Alberta and experience the hunting / fishing trip of a lifetime.

Back Country Moose Hunts are also only available during the calling season. All-terrain vehicles will transport you into the wild boreal forests of northeastern Alberta for some of the best hunting we have to offer.

Park Land Moose Hunts are held in conjunction with our whitetail deer hunts. It is not unusual to spot a 40 or 50 inch moose while deer hunting  in the area.  The moose hunts are open to both rifle and bow hunters.

Trophy Deer Hunts:

The deer population in Alberta has been growing steadily over the past ten years, mainly due to our mild winters and extended fringe areas. Each year, Alberta hunters take a number of trophy white-tails that score in the 190's and 200 range.

Mule deer hunting in Alberta is also very promising. Alberta holds the B & C Non-Typical mule deer world record. This is one world record that may never be touched.

Several book deer are spotted each season resulting repeat hunters passing on  140,  150 and sometimes 160 deer, while holding out for a real big one.  We only take four whitetail hunters each year so book early if you are interested in hunting Alberta whitetails.

Bear Hunts:

The bear population in Alberta is tremendous. In many areas hunters are allowed to harvest two bear, either during the spring or the fall hunt. Bear Hunts are usually conducted over bait sites and in most cases, hunters have the opportunity to take their limit of two bear, if they wish. For the more adventurous, fair chase hunts are also available.

Bow Hunting:

Opportunities for whitetail, mule deer and moose are exceptional in our area just east of Edmonton. Continued mild winters, limited access to rifle hunters, combined with ideal terrain creates a bow hunters paradise.  

Duck & Goose Hunts:

Are available in September through to mid-October. Alberta is the staging area for hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese heading south each fall. This can provide some exciting field shoots over decoys.

Coyote Hunting:

Provide the ideal winter break. January and February sees an increase in their activity. As the weather begins to warm and the breeding season approaches, coyotes become more active throughout their range providing your guide a better opportunity to call in these wary animals. Spot and stalk opportunities are also available to test your skills. In either case, these quick and cunning animal will test your shooting skills and help you retain your edge for the coming fall hunts.


We would be happy to price out any hunt you might be interested in. The basic rates for bow, rifle or muzzle loaders are the same. However, individual rates will vary depending on the type of hunt, facilities and duration you wish to stay. As there are a limited number of allocations available each year, bookings are on a first come basis for all the following hunts.

Please write, phone, or e-mail us for additional information, prices and available bookings. Be sure to identify the hunt you are interested in.

Your host for the hunt,

Michael Terry
(Registered & Bonded)
Alberta Professional Outfitters Society


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